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Types of Paper for Printing

Types of Paper for Printing

Different types of paper for printing and their various uses

Printer paper comes in different types, sizes, and specifications. Before deciding on any printer paper, check if it is compatible with your printing device. Next, identify the purpose of your end product. Is it an official document? A business card? A wedding invitation?

The right printer paper has a tremendous effect on the final product. Learning the effects on print jobs spells a lot of difference – whether for personal or business use.

Read on to find out which printer paper works best with some projects. It saves time, money, and resources.

What are the different types of paper for printing

What are the different types of paper for printing?

Here are some of the more commonly known types of paper you’ll see in stores like Officeworks all over Australia.

1. Bond Paper

Bond paper is standard in houses and offices. It is a durable paper that is suitable for inkjet and laser printers, and it comes in various sizes. A standard letter page size, which is the most common, is 215mm x 279.4mm. A legal-size is 215mm x 355.6mm and a tabloid-size is 279.4mm x 431.8mm, among other dimensions. The brightness, excellent absorption, and rigidity are the main characteristics of a bond paper.

2. Coated and Uncoated Paper

Coated paper has a microscopic sheen coating applied to the surface for a smoother and shinier appearance. Uncoated paper, which has no coating, is similar to bond paper – it is perfect for absorbing ink.

3. Gloss Coating Paper

Gloss coating paper has a shiny finish and produces more vibrant prints. However, it comes with a glare, so readability is a bit difficult.

4. Matte Paper

Matte paper is for printing ordinary documents. A white coating makes the ink dry faster, resulting in lesser smears and smudges on this paper type.

5. Card Stock

Card stock is pretty thick and durable. A printing device must be designed for it because it gets jammed. This high-quality paper can be more expensive if printing is in volume.

6. Photo Paper

Photo paper, either glossy or matte, is designed to print the highest quality images using inkjet printers. It is thicker and more expensive than other paper types. The most common size is 152.4mm x 101.6mm.

7. Newsprint

Newsprint can be efficient but should not be used to print important documents. It becomes yellowish and brittle over time.

8. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is strong, elastic, and has a unique rustic look. Black ink works well for a retro look, while lighter colours will become tinted brown.

9. Cotton Paper

Cotton paper is absorbent and has a fluffy white texture. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printer paper.

How to choose the right paper for printing

How to choose the right paper for printing

  • Business cards

If your logo and information details lie on a white background, uncoated paper is the preferred type to make them more prominent. When fully printed, silk paper makes the colour stand out.

  • Wedding invitation and greeting cards

Traditional wedding invitations and greeting cards with plenty of white space are best on uncoated paper. Select a coloured stripe to match the theme.

  • Certificates

Uncoated paper is for a clean and professional look.

  • Magazines

High-quality glossy paper is excellent in bringing out the brightest colours in a fashion magazine. On the other hand, a business magazine will look more appropriate on a simple uncoated paper.

  • Newspaper

Newsprint is the most common type of paper used to print newspapers due to its low cost.

  • Brochures and flyers

Coated paper is durable to print brochures and flyers.

  • Photos

A matte or gloss finish is for photograph prints. Lustre, pearl, metallic, and satin finish work best too.

  • Art

If your art prints are full coverage, silk paper gives it nice and smooth print quality.

Types of paper sizes for printing

Types of paper sizes for printing

Most printers are only capable of printing A4 sheets. Some printers can print other dimensions including:

A3 – 297mm wide x 420mm high

A4 – 210mm wide x 297mm high

A5 – 148mm wide x 210mm high

A6 – 105mm wide x 148mm high

Which type of paper is perfect for printing

Which type of paper is perfect for printing?

The perfect type of printer paper makes a lot of difference to your printed products. A glossy finish is attractive if you want sophistication. A coating adds durability to advertising and campaign materials. Meanwhile, specialised paper types provide a different feel. To make sure you use the right type of paper, check on the compatibility with your printing device before deciding on the paper to use.

For hassle-free printing, make sure to get in touch with a printing expert with years of experience in digital printing, offset printing, business card printing, and corporate colour reproduction. A skilled printing company will be able to help make your business come alive with vibrant colours and the high-quality printer paper we provide.

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