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Professional Wedding Invitation Design Trends for 2022

Professional Wedding Invitation Design Trends for 2022

Some trendy ideas to spice up your wedding invites

After the global pandemic of 2020 put a halt to all forms of celebration, many couples are looking forward to celebrating their big day in 2022. So, what will wedding invitations look like this year? Here are some of the bridal design trends we expect to see as Australia slowly moves towards full capacity.

Spring in full bloom

Floral patterns are one of the biggest trends in wedding stationery this year. From retro to modern, colourful flowers are a lovely choice for spring and summer weddings. One cool idea is to add fresh blooms not only to your wedding invitation but to your reception decor and bonbonniere as well.

Splash of colour

Although white will forever be a timeless wedding motif, colours are a great way to make your theme unique. Whether it’s a subtle touch of pink or a vibrant array of purple, couples are experimenting with different tones and hues to create the perfect wedding invitation.

Pastels and washed-out colours are ideal for vintage and retro themes. Ivory, baby pink, and coral are light and romantic, while gold presents a more mature look. Lilac, lemon, and shades of rosé are among the popular palettes in 2022 for bridalwear, bouquets, and stationery.

A contrast in style

Fashion experts believe that contrasting colours will also rule 2022. Bright shades such as tangerine and blue hydrangea are perfectly balanced with neutral shades to create a vibrant and fun feel of a destination wedding – even without the travel.

Watercolour wedding invitations are a cool trend among modern designers. Impress your guests with something original and eye-catching, like mixing lemon yellow with lime green and fuchsia, or ivory and light brown for a lovely soft sandy shade.

Personal touch

Personal touch

Let your personality shine through your wedding invitation! For example, if you like colouring books, you can add colourful illustrations of your favourite characters. If you are a fan of goth, quirky graphics are a good option.

Handmade invitations are becoming increasingly popular, with couples adding caricatures and travel images to create bespoke designs. Each handmade invitation can be tailored to each guest for a more personal touch.

The choice of paper and typography are all your own. You can make your invites look modern with bold fonts on a crisp white background or go rustic with dark paper and old-style font.

Relaxed language

We have seen this trend in the last couple of years: formal text on wedding invitations being replaced with simple sentences. For example, instead of the traditional ‘we request the honour of your presence’, modern couples are now writing easy-going phrases such as ‘come celebrate with us’.

Modern monograms

It has been customary to add a monogram of the bride’s initials on a wedding invitation, but a new trend is emerging – sleek, modern, logo-style monograms. We have also seen invites that bear the initials of both bride and groom or even the couple’s names.

Mixing patterns

Monochromatic invitations are quickly becoming a thing of the past as the trend moves toward bold patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and paisley. In 2022, we could even see a combination of two or three of these patterns blended in a natural colour scheme.

3D texture

The 2022 mood is delicate and refined, and it will show in the paper embellishments. Stylish 3D finishing touches such as wax seals, fabrics, twisted wire, and metallic touches can elevate your wedding invite without overwhelming it. Add texture to your cards to make them stand out from traditional flat printed invitations.

Art deco

The iconic styling of the 1920s and 1930s is due for a revival in 2022. Geometric patterns, sculptural shapes, and artistic flair from the glamorous Great Gatsby era make a comeback in wedding themes this year.

Avant-garde invite holders

The white envelope is no longer standard with wedding invitations. These days, couples put as much thought into the design of the cardholder as the card itself. We have seen wedding invites inserted into coloured plastic pockets, rolled inside fabric pouches, embedded in leather, or tacked on wood. Included in the invitation holder are a reply card, directions to the venue, accommodation details, and gift list information.


According to research, 87% of Australians are more likely to purchase ethically and sustainably produced products. While Australia has a long way to go in its effort to go green, we are now seeing more couples making more eco-friendly choices when it comes to their wedding.

If you want to go entirely paper-free, digital invitations are the way to go. But if you are still keen on distributing printed invitations, then one way to help the environment is to choose sustainably sourced, recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. Handmade paper is a great base for invitations with natural materials such as pressed leaves, flowers, and twigs, adding colour and texture.

Get sound advice from a trusted printing company near you.

Get sound advice from a trusted printing company near you.

Digital invites will continue to be a strong trend in 2022. Still, paper invitations that arrive in the mail are a timeless tradition for many Australians. Some guests may view e-invites as classless, cheap, and tacky. But with formal printed wedding invitation, there is a certain elegance that makes you want to keep them – whether in a scrapbook or a picture frame. Make sure to speak with a reputable printing company near you who can design and produce your dream wedding invites on time and with high quality.

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