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Digital Printing for My Business


Printed materials provide numerous benefits to different businesses. Many companies rely on digital printing for their marketing materials, office stationery, brochures, posters, signage, stickers, posters and many more. If you are thinking of building your brand or wanting to promote a consistent brand message, you can turn to digital printing for your products, too.

How can digital printing help my business?

Digital printing can support the needs of any business. Whether you are a small start-up company or a large business wanting to ensure your continued success, you can count on digital printing to support you in your undertaking. Here are reasons why you should consider digital printing for your marketing campaigns and other office needs.

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1. Get high-quality prints

Nothing captures the eye better than the clear, crisp and professional looking prints that digital printing offers. Even if you need thousands of copies, you can count on each and every print to be uniform and equal in quality and impress your prospective clients. Even your most demanding and exacting customers won’t be able to find any colour difference and other variations on your brochures, stationery, booklets, posters and other prints.

2. Print on any material of your choice

With digital printing, your option for materials is virtually without limit. This allows you to present your business in whatever manner you want. For example, you can choose to go with ceramic, a thin paper, fabric, wood, or paper with matte or glossy finish – anywhere you want, really.

Digital printing will come in handy if your branding strategy calls for materials and products that cannot easily be printed on using traditional printers. 

3. Fast turnaround time

If you are running on a tight schedule, you can rely on digital printing to deliver professional looking, clear prints in a short amount of time. That means you can meet your company’s marketing and other time-sensitive business goals without worrying about the quality of your prints. This fast turnaround time can save you time and allow you to carry out more important tasks.

digital printing for my business

4. Personalise your products easily

Digital printing makes customisation easy. So even if you are looking for made-to-order or functional promotional products, you will benefit from this printing method. It will save you both time and money, even if you need to personalise each print with different names, images or addresses. The flexibility of digital printing, combined with on-demand and variable data printing, makes this possible.

5. Save on cost, even for small quantities

Unlike conventional printing methods, digital printing does not use plates. Nor does it use excessive amounts of ink. These two factors make it cost-effective. Because it also does not have set-up costs, you’ll be able to complete even on your smaller print projects without having to worry about your bottom line.

6. Direct mail marketing made easy

If your business requires you to send out postcards or brochures to your prospective clients and long-term customers, digital printing can make life fairly easy for you. Instead of hand writing or manually affixing cut-out names and addresses to hundreds or thousands of cards and brochures by yourself, digital printing will do it for you.

Known as variable data printing, digital printing allows you to change certain elements – such as name, image or message – without interrupting the printing process. This will ensure that you meet your deadline and still give you time to do other essential tasks.

7. Don’t let size get in the way

When planning your advertising campaigns, you want them to attract the attention of many potential customers. What’s more eye-catching than a 14 x 4-metre billboard?

Digital printing can produce your large format prints and any other materials that you need for your advertising campaigns. No matter the size of the product you need, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the same superior quality as your posters, letterheads and stickers.

8. Less paper and chemical wastes

Eco-conscious companies take into consideration the amount of wastage that their projects generate. If you are one of these companies,  you’ll be glad to know that digital printing produces less paper and chemical wastes compared to other printing methods. So you can gladly send those postcards and brochures without worrying about the number of trees cut down for the paper you use.

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Digital printing and design services in one place

A good printing company like Jennings Print, can help you with graphic design, logo creation and other design services that your business needs. They also offer several promotional products that you can choose from or help you develop products and ideas that best suit your marketing campaign.

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