Are Billboards Still Relevant?


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For the past few years, digital advertising has climbed up the ranks as one of the world’s top marketing platforms. This trend will likely continue for the years to come.

Given that people spend most of their time on their phones, many marketers ask: Are traditional marketing efforts like billboards still important? Will they be able to bring in sales and push branding effectively?

To know if a marketing tool is still relevant, it is crucial to understand what it is and how it works. Find out more about why we think billboards remain relevant.

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What is billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is a type of Out-Of-Home (OOH) marketing strategy that uses advertising spaces in public areas to promote a product or a service. In a sizeable space, brands will combine creative imagery with powerful messaging to drive people towards a call of action.

In cities and other high-traffic areas, you will be able to see billboards everywhere. They are less common the farther you are from cities, but they are still available in rural areas.

Small brands and big brands alike clamour for billboard spaces. For small brands, this is a way to establish presence and legitimacy. For big brands, it is a way to engage with their target customers continuously.

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What are the factors that one should consider when booking billboards?

Not all billboards are created equal. Some are more effective than others. The level of effectiveness depends on various factors. Here are some important considerations before booking a billboard ad:

1. Circulation / Eyeballs

This refers to the number of individuals who pass by the billboard weekly. Data on circulation can be sourced from local transportation authorities.

2. Demographics

Apart from reaching a massive amount of people, it is also essential to consider the demographics of the audience. What are their ages, genders, and income levels? Are they the type of people who can afford your services, or are you advertising broadly for the sake of eyeball numbers?

3. Impression

This refers to the actual number of people who see and billboard, not just a specific number of people, unlike circulation. The impression is also calculated based on the size of the billboard, its proximity to the road, its visibility, the traffic speed in the area, the circulation, and so on.

4. Creatives

No matter how well-placed a billboard is, it would not work well without a nice layout and messaging. The production of the billboard signs is essential as well. It is crucial to pique the attention of people passing by at first glance. That way, they will be encouraged to read more details about the product or service you are offering.

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Are billboards still effective and relevant?

Now that you are more acquainted with the mechanics of a billboard ad, the next question is: are billboards still relevant today? Do they still yield results for companies and brands looking for a wider set of audience?

The answer to this is “yes”. Here are some of the reasons why billboards continue to be one of the most relevant OOH ad spaces today:

1. It is resistant to ad-blocking

It is no secret that the digital sphere is saturated with millions of ads daily. Because of this, people become desensitised to these advertisements and often ignore the ad materials they see. Many people also get annoyed with ads, to the extent that they use ad-blockers or get premium membership of applications to avoid ads.

With billboards, there will be no forms of ad-blocking available. A billboard is always available for everyone to see. Additionally, people are less likely to get annoyed with the ad since no one is forcing them to view the billboards.

2. It helps with ad recall

When people see ads on their mobile phones, they may or may not spend a long time looking at that ad. However, if they see the ad on other forms of ad placements like billboards, there is a better recall of the advertisement.

After looking at the billboard, they may try to see more about the product or service online. The omnipresence of a brand on all available platforms helps them establish an online and offline presence. Billboards help when it comes to the offline implementation of these ads.

3. It lends credibility to an advertisement

There are two layers to this. Firstly, there is often a stamp of legitimacy to the material if placed on billboards. After all, billboards aren’t exactly cheap. Only legitimate businesses would invest in something that would cost them.

Secondly, since billboards are not intrusive, it is easier for people to trust them. According to Nielsen’s global report, consumers still trust traditional media compared to social media. It is easier to peddle false information online, but it isn’t the same when it comes to billboards.

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Design and Produce Impactful Billboards with Big Colour Signs and Jennings Print Group

Are you a business owner or marketer deciding whether billboards are good investments in New South Wales? If you are contemplating on whether billboards are still worth it, the answer is yes!

There are many benefits to having a billboard ad for your business. In addition to establishing your brand’s presence offline, it also adds a level of credibility to your products/services. You just need to take into consideration the factors affecting billboard efficiency (circulation, demographics, etc.) and ensure that you create a visually pleasing and thought-provoking ad.

Both Big Colour Visual and Jennings Print Group offer graphic design services to businesses that need assistance to create billboard ads. Apart from the creatives, they also work on printing and production of billboards in New South Wales. If you are looking for dependable partners in OOH advertising, these two companies can help you get started and help you reach your marketing goals. Get in touch today.

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